Satellite Data

RGF123 care small bussines and companies. It´s means a huge source of jobs, human source, ideas, ever in competence with mains actors in economy such internationals companies and clusters. I mind fishers, agriculture companies, small constructions investors, transport companies...They need take desitions based in real and formal informations, not only news agencies. Satellites are caming to democraticer information access and bring real competition in same contidions with everyones.

RGF123 are in contact with all satellites constelations:                 

Space sur, Spire, Copernicus, Satellogic, AstroCast, Fleet Space, Hiber, Swarm Technologies, Kepler Communications, Myriota, MSI Tech, understand what can every ones of those constellations offer to whom.

Its time to bring the strong esforce of UE in space to the real field, right to people for the coletive profits.

Our close objetives:

Refurbishing of boundaries, monitoring crops enviorements contitions, desing cementerys acces and needs  and Improvement of river water quality and biodiversity in this type of environment with

filtering plant barriers.

Steps: 1- acces and undestand every ones of constellations offer (who can bring me what and how related to space information) 2- Create a platform to access with easy tools, and increase tooling under demand

" be envolved in a reserch and develop program is the best way to introduce a enterprise culture..."

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RGF123 task

To be a partner in consortium which can help you in activities within project, which are related to: